What feels like mid-February forever

28 February 2015

Hi everyone. This winter’s been bizarre – i’m grinding and pushing out work, but at the same time I’m holed up hibernating in isolation. Like I’ve gone down my little rabbit hole and my friends are in theirs and we’re all working alone in parallel.

Now, whenever I see totokaelo/inventory mag/whoever stark white photo editorials, I feel I’m staring down the face of an infinite winter bleakness. I’m looking at this shot I took in t-shirt and shorts in late summer, that at the time I felt captured that calm relief of air conditioning in the midst of the hot hot heat, and the only thing this photo says to me now is ~look at that spring green poking through~

may be a bit of a hiatus but hopefully not too long.

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Brian Paquette’s Home

12 February 2015

FvF has a great interview out with Seattle-based interior designer Brian Paquette. There’s an interesting but brief discussion on his path as a creative, as well as some insight into his views on filling his home–specifically, contrasting the idea of decorating your space versus connecting it to your own travels and life experience.

My favorite homes have always been those deeply tied with a person’s life–those spaces with objects and details that give you insight into a person’s identity and history. I love these kinds of details that unmask the richness of a person’s life.

That’s partly why I love this home so much. The personal marks define the room’s atmosphere, and bring out such warmth and tell me so much.

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Louise Roe: White Marble Box

4 February 2015

This is a beautiful piece from Copenhagen based designer Louise Roe. It’s a great understated, simple piece. Plus, I love the heft that comes with marble. I can see this working in a variety of spaces.


RAMA Chair

24 January 2015

love this RAMA chair from ox denmarq.  the nude is my favorite, followed by black. that said, all 4 colors aren’t bad, depending on the space—i can see them each filling their own niche.  


FEIT: Hand Sewn Low

21 January 2015

You know I’m a sucker for clean sneakers and these are no exception. Just check out the detailing on them. The black suede and leather combined with that outsole is amazing. This thing’s topping my low-top-want list. I think I’d even get this before a pair of common projects.

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Hanging Cactus No. 1

16 January 2015

Okay okay okay–I’ve learned; no more overwatering and no more drainage-less pots, no matter how beautiful.

That said, there’s just too much fun to be had with an uprooted dead cactus. Not that I’m necessarily planning on killing more cacti, but working with this thing has given me some interesting ideas. So for the time being, let’s just call this No.1 and look out for a more death and drying in the future.

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Leather Tote by SÜPER

15 January 2015

I stumbled upon this nice tote last night. This bag from SÜPER comes in 2 colors, and from the looks of it, it has solid hardware (none) and stitching. I swear I always find a good looking one from far away, and then when I get close, the zippers suck or the stitching is meh. Both colors are good too, so I suppose you better get them euros out. or foreign transaction fee. you know. whatever hits the spot.

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Kaye Blegvad: Ceramic Hands

9 January 2015

Brooklyn (and London) based Kaye Blegvad is making some wonderful things. Of all her work, her ceramic hands resonate and stand out most for me. (Actually, I’ve got a vested personal interest in hand sculptures.) My interest aside, these are nice. They’re personal and warm, maybe even comforting. If your space is that kind of cold-modern and too impersonal, these would make a great accent.

Also, I can’t talk about this subject without a shout out to my sister, who has a many-years-long fascination with sculptures of hands. I admit it: it was her obsession that gave rise to my interest in hand-like forms, so she deserves some credit here, too.

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On Physical Inspiration Boards

6 January 2015

Though most of my inspiration is stored digitally these days (thank god for pinterest), I still find physical inspiration boards both helpful and enjoyable.

Taping stuff to walls lets me stew on both my own work and images I like. If I’ve got work I’m unsure about, I put it up and mull it over for a few days. If there’s an image I like, I tape it up and over time, as I walk by, I learn more and more about why that image works. it’s been great and casual way to stew on visual stuff.

I also thoroughly enjoy aggregating disconnected images into a single board and seeing what kind of weird mood emerges. It’s a ton of fun watching the mood of the inspiration board evolve as I constantly put new things up and take old work down. Though it’s my work-in-progress board/test space, it’s kind of become this fun, DIY dynamically changing installation that I’m always working on.

you would think taping stuff randomly all over the wall would be pretty crappy, but it looks surprisingly good almost always. seriously, tape 10 things next to each other and see what happens. you really have to fight your brain’s natural instincts to make it look bad.

anyways, long post, long post. here are the pictures:

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Happy New Year

2 January 2015

Happy new year! I’ve been out of commission because I’m in the midst of a 3 week trip to Japan. I’ve been snooping since there’s just so so much inspiration to be had here. I’ll post more about that soon…expect it.

For now, though, here are a few shots from Yudanaka, a quaint hot spring area near Nagano. And, of course, monkeys bathing in hot springs :D I’ve decided I like staying someplace cold for the holidays. It just seems much more appropriate.

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